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VanessaMy work focuses on supporting environmental and science-based organizations (especially agriculture-related) to enhance collaboration, engagement and impact. For over five years I have worked with a range of organizations and individuals, to find new and inspiring ways to share knowledge. From international climate change negotiators and scientific experts, to farmers’ groups and promising young scientists in the global South, each one has some unique knowledge which can contribute to positive change, as long as it reaches the right person in the right way.

Professional Services

Web services and Social Media

From developing web strategies to guiding implementation and recommending enhancements, I can advise on all stages of web development to ensure that your online presence can best reach target¬†audiences. I can help you embrace social media, and develop a strategy to use these tools to increase your organization’s visibility and impact. I can also help you use online collaboration tools to simplify project management and enhance internal communication.

Vanessa's experience

Do you want to use social media at your events, to help capture activities and share them with participants and the world? I can design and implement a ‘social reporting’ strategy, and work with your staff to record and broadcast your event using blogs, twitter, web videos, shared presentations and photos.

Workshop design and facilitation

I have designed and facilitated workshops to enhance research collaboration, build research and policy capacity, and enhance science communication skills in Africa and abroad.

My experience includes:

  • Designing and facilitating a 2-week course on Payments for Environmental Services, which included 64 scientists and practitioners from Africa, Asia and Europe.
  • Coordinating workshops to connecting scientists, international climate change negotiators and forest stakeholders working on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD) in Africa and Asia
  • Delivering social media training to scientists and communications professionals from international organizations¬† and academic institutions

I employ various methods to encourage participants to share their knowledge, learn together, and map ways forward, including peer assists, world cafes, social network mapping and visioning scenarios. I have also worked with teams to enhance internal communications and plan research.


I am a skilled writer, and enjoy writing for scientific and policy audiences as well as the general public. I can translate technical concepts into tangible and relevant messages. I have been a guest blogger for a number of events including Forest Day 2009, the CGIAR’s Rural Climate Exchange, the ICT-KM programme of the CGIAR, as well as managing the blog for the ASB Partnership for the Tropical Forest Margins. I have also written and edited scholarly publications, policy briefings, newsletters, research reports, and press releases.


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